The Candidate infiltrates the big stages of mass media, business and politics with the skills, knowledge and approaches from performance arts. The Presidential Candidacy is one of the results of this operation. Sometimes the operation is reversed – Romanian Army was invited to host a dance workshop and perform a drill show in a contemporary art space. The Candidate alters, expands or breaks some of the implicit conditions at work where it appears through postspectacle dislocations and performative loops.

Pillar Artist
Esthetic Entities for Sale
Presidential Candidacy
End Pit at Depo Istanbul
Postspectacle Shelter
The Candidate at OTV (Mirror TV)
The Candidate at Mall
The Candidate at Church
The Candidate at Art Opening (Dorato Action)
The Candidate at Charity (Grey Donors)
The Candidate and the Army
The Candidate at Congress
The Candidate's Tent
We are all Romanians Now
Romanian Presidential Candidacy in Vienna
We would like you to come to our show

Initiated in 2008 by Florin Flueras and Ion Dumitrescu

In collaboration with Manuel Pelmus, Ștefan Tiron, Iuliana Stoianescu, Brynjar Bandlien, Cosima Opartan, Alina Popa...