What does the romanian presidential candidate offer?

-one year of presidential candidacy activity-

What does the romanian presidential candidate offer?
For now a radical practice and some critical thinking.

His 2010 messages and actions were all focused on deconstruction which led inevitable to some cynical conclusions upon the status quo. The practice consisted in breaking the contexts in which he was invited, making shortcuts inside the utopian projects and emulating political campaign representations.
The candidate pushed the reality to those limits that “reality” usually tries to avoid to acknowledge. We (the staff) tried to expose what the system prefers to obstruct, to reveal the ideology behind the nightmare. 2010 was a year of great turbulence and, as never before, the future seemed grim and hopeless. Capitalism seems dead but is sucking everything around just like a cosmic black hole. Though, unlike a black hole, the periphery is the first to go down, the margins have to “adapt” (instantly) to the new coordonates of the calamity driven world, to adjust incessantly to a succesion of singularities that leaves the center much smaller (but stronger) and condemns the concentric circles to total ruin. The 4th world will forever work to that end (Asia as a vast labour camp), in fact the scale of the “worlds” has now become larger, we have today also a fifth world and we are witnessing a sliding of the second world towards a third world condition.

Otherwise we deal only with the present, history has been resuscitated by the current crisis but the official left (blind to cognitive capitalism and imaterial production) is improvising on the spot. Everything revolves around inevitable future predicaments or disasters, the ones that will constantly shift our focus and plans (the 9/11 paradigm). Stability is nowhere to be found, we will ponder on short term projects and wait to be detoured again and again.
There is no movement possible, only some dancing. Improvised, of course.

The collective depression and the global debt are peaking thus leaving us mentally disturbed and bodily fractured in a mega-fiction. It’s a fiction which is meant to control the precariat emotionally through abstraction, art and a lot of fear. Any reaction to the heavy “austerity” measures will be buffered by the local goverments, as a sort of infantry with “multinational” generals ruling from far away headquarters.

Contrary to what neo-liberals fear, we see across Europe (as a mainstream trend) a massive rise of the right wing. The only dim light came from some “leakings”, the only pressure that was taken seriously. It now seems the only political weapon available.

So these are in short some of the conditions in the contemporary society that the presidential candidate acknowledged and tried to aproach in 2010.