23.05: 20h00
24.05: 17h00 - 21h00

Akseli Virtanen believes that to identify the 'real problem' is one of the main tasks and one of the main difficulties. And indeed his perspective is a bit different than what we are hearing in the official and critical discourses.  

Akseli Virtanen, Critic Atac and the Presidential Candidate  invites you to an intensive workshop for potential presidential candidates. And you don't really have a choice, you have to be ready to candidate. Nobody represents the Romanian State better than you.

Dr. Akseli Virtanen is a member of Mollecular organization and the coordinator of Future Art Base in Helsinki (Aalto University School of Art). He is currently working on “Parasite –Investment Fund of the Precariat” and “Kafka machine” film project based on Félix Guattari’s project plan. He also teaches new political economy and philosophy of cooperation at the Aalto University School of Economics. His recents books include the Molecular Organization of Félix Guattari (2011), Economy and Social Theory Vol 1-3 (2011-2012), Introduction to Bracha Ettinger's Copoiesis (2009), The Place of Mutation. Vagus, Nomos, Multitudo (2007), A Critique of Biopolitical Economy. The End of Modern Economy and Birth of Arbitrary Power (2006), Dictionary of New Work. A Map to Precarious Life (2006). He edits "Polemos" and "Memory books of cooperation" book series.