the candidate speech in the romanian dance history shop

in general our ways of thinking and functioning are very much influenced by the culture, tradition, education and everything that comes from the past. the tendency is to let history answer the problems.. to search for models,values, norms and principles in history, all based on the past..

we cannot allow this anymore.. this model (pattern) works perfectly only in a stable, secured situation in which there are not so many fundamental changes. in a situation in which the grandparents and the nephews share the same world.. there the solutions from a generation can be applied easily to the next generation. in this kind of contexts it was the job of all the religions, cultural and artistic institutions to pass the values, beliefs - the cultural frame, the operating system from a generation to the next.

now we are living something completely different.. something fundamentally new happens, a fundamental transformation occurs.. even if you look at the statistics, almost all the parameters that shape our world are changing in an exponential pace. we are in an exponential accelerating transformation process. so in this case the old pattern of transfering knowledge, values, attitudes and behaviors can be actually the biggest problem, not the solution.. because it stops adaptation and evolution..

the problems that we are confronted with are radical, fundamental and the answers are weak, unaware or with bad intentions. how bifo said - only a mad doctor will propose the problem as treatment, but the mad doctor hapens to be at white house.. so the general frame about the crisis and solutions of crisis is set from the top of the hierarchy. the power try to save itself at the expenses of the periphery.. banks and corporations at expense of the ordinary slaves, the old empires or colonial forces at expense of second and third world.. the capital at the expense of precariat. externalisation or a better term gived by marina grizinic - necropolitics. there is a good point in all this - at least the differentiation between the chosen ones and precariat will be more visible, the true intentions will be manifested..

we are living an apocalypse because everything that we know in an increasing pace will not work anymore, the institutions, the ideologies, the policies are becoming obsolete.. how franco biffo put it - we just entered a catastrophic morphogenesiss.

our subjectivity is constructed and consolidated in the ideology, especially by a neoliberal frame of mind, how marina griznici put it, the reality and capitalism coincide.. the terms biopower, cognitive capitalism, discipline society, society of spectacle, society of control, arbitrary power or the concept of the Empire of Negri and Hardi are trying to catch this new manifestations of power that are so diffuse and are operating freely at the base of our individuality. the power becomes more perverse, more ubiquitous and probably impossible to stop. our core structures are corrupted and the instance of control becomes an interiorised authority.

the human as a construction of history, of the past, lives his agonizing apocalypse.. it is crucial to have the force to see this as a positive fact. the "human" values, beliefs are the cause of the crises.. we have to go further, to surpass the human condition. a radical, basic reconfiguration is needed anyway.. how zizek put it - to accept the apocalypse first and after to see what can be done..

there is not a saving ideology, the problem is overwhelming, we don't know what to do but we know that we have to move on, to change radically. let's start by being aware without having a masterplan, avoiding the corrupted solutions from old ideologies that pop up everywhere. let's see where we arrive, to not be afraid of testing, of risking our obsolete human nature. if you manage to produce a mutation you create possibilities for others too.. there is nothing to hold on to.. we have to produce disidentification when it is still possible.. if it is still possible and we are not completely submitted already.. let's urgently start to create new subjectivities to go posthuman.
so give up hope and enjoy the collapse!